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This is a U.S. General Services Administration Federal government computer system that is FOR OFFICIAL USE ONLY. This system is subject to monitoring. Individuals found performing unauthorized activities are subject to disciplinary action including criminal prosecution.

Note: If you are a GSA employee, you may login using your GSA Windows username and password.
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Call: (877) 472-4877

Email: AASBS.helpdesk@gsa.gov


FY17 December Release

System Announcement ASSIST has introduced enhancements to the Agreement Service integration with the Pegasys financial application: (1) Customer Treasury Account Symbol (TSYM) fields entered directly on OMIS Funding Documents have been added to Agreement transmissions, (2) Customer Treasury Account Symbol (TSYM) fields entered directly on ITSS Funding Citations have been added to Agreement transmissions, (3) Customer TSYM Agreement Errors displayed in the ASSIST Agreement Transactions Page.

Pay.gov version 6.11 Release

System Announcement Changes to the Pay.gov Reports will be released into production on December 17th with the release of Pay.gov 6.11. All reports have been updated and some have been consolidated. Simply log in to our site and follow the links to the new reports page. While the look and feel is a bit different from what you may be used to, we feel the usability is more intuitive for our agency users and offers enhanced performance. For further information see the updated guides to the Reporting Service and Transaction Search on the Pay.gov documentation website (https://qa.pay.gov/agencydocs/html/guides.html). Pay.gov Customer Support can be reached at (800) 624-1373 or by email at pay.gov.clev@clev.frb.org for any questions or comments.

ASSIST Action Items

System Announcement December 2016 ASSIST Action Items Release Notes. A new Action Items page has been implemented which is accessible from the users Welcome page in the ASSIST portal. Functionality and business rules have been migrated from the legacy platform to within the new ASSIST 2.0 framework, accessible directly from within Assisted Shared Services SysTems (ASSIST). The Action Items page displays items in the Order Process that require action from the logged in user. A shortcut to complete an action item is provided that links to forms/function/etc. Action Items Portlet Link: From the FEDSIM and ITSS Home Page within ASSIST, selecting the View All My Action Items link from the Action Items portlet will navigate the user directly to their new Action Items page. https://web.itss.gsa.gov/itss/v41_helpdocs.nsf/LUindex/AssistActionItems

NEW FEDSIM Timesheet Application

System Announcement ASSIST has introduced the New FEDSIM Timesheets application: *Responsive web application now residing within the web OMIS application.* *New look and feel that leverages user experience standards.* *Desktop Accessibility via existing ASSIST Portal Login.* *Mobile Accessibility via a new Mobile Login Page (https://portal.fas.gsa.gov/timesheet/login).* *Timesheet Roles Migration to ASSIST Registration.* *New BIRT Reports to support Timesheet functionality.*

AAC & Program Type Release

System Announcement AASBS have introduced the following enhancements: TOS Activity Address Code Enhancements, ITSS Activity Address Code & Program Type Renaming Enhancements, ITSS Funding Program Type Renaming Enhancements, ITOMS Program Type Renaming Enhancements, and ASSIST Registration Enhancements

APM version 2.0 enhancements

System Announcement AASBS has activated ASSIST Acquisition Planning Module version 2.0 enhancements for GSA employees. Please refer to the November 2015 release documentation for enhancement specifications.

Changing Password - Clients and Contractors

System Announcement For Client and Contractor users: you may change your ASSIST password at any time, but must change it every 90 days. You may access instructions on how to change your password at the following URL : https://web.itss.gsa.gov/itss/v41_helpdocs.nsf/LUindex/ChangePassword

News and Information

Pegasys application will be undergoing system maintenance and will be unavailable from Thursday, February 16, 2017 (7:00 pm ET) - Tuesday, February 21, 2017 (7:00 am ET)

The Purpose of this Maintenance release is to deploy the following:

Pegasys will be unavailable due to the implementation of the Pegasys Cloud Hosting Migration. To limit the outage to only one business day, the implementation will occur over the federal holiday weekend. The Pegasys Cloud Hosting Migration will transition USDA's Financial Management System to the CGI Federal Cloud, resulting in a new infrastructure for development, production and testing environments as well as increased taxpayer savings, scalability, security and performance.

AAS applications will be available during this downtime, however, the following integrations with Pegasys will be suspended for the duration of the release window and include:

  • Billing Files
  • Accrual Files
  • Agreements
  • Invoices
  • All other data transmissions & files

All held transmissions and files will be forwarded to Pegasys upon notification of system availability.

Specifically, users are advised that ASSIST funding must have approved agreement transactions established in Pegasys prior to 7PM Pegasys cutoff in order to utilize funding on a modification during the outage period.

All ASSIST invoices received and processed during the outage will be queued and transmitted upon notification of system availability.

ASSIST Billing transactions need to be created and transmitted prior to the outage to insure the transactions are processed into the Pegasys billing cycle for mid February.


As always, if you need assistance while using the GSA ASSIST portal, please call our Support desk at 877-472-4877 or email: aasbs.helpdesk@gsa.gov.



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